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Best home security camera from eufy

Eufy Security Camera is set to change how you see your home and family. Its 1080p HD resolution, infrared night vision, and two-way audio features make this security camera a complete package.

These cameras are the jewels of Eufy’s huge selection of cameras, but there’s a lot to like about the other offerings.

Eufy security camera pros and cons

Pros :

  • More 2K video options than other brands
  • Built-in video storage on most cameras
  • Strong emphasis on privacy
  • Affordable cloud plans

Cons :

  • No cloud storage on some models

Let’s talk more about it.

Privacy-first policies:

One of Eufy’s biggest advantages over the competition is a focus on protecting your privacy. This is why all Eufy IP camera models come with some form of local storage to keep your data off the internet. Likewise, Eufy cameras, apps, and cloud servers follow strict encryption protocols when connecting to the internet. We’re also fans of the app requiring two-factor authentication when logging in on a new device.

2K video resolution :

Practically every Eufy camera comes in 1920p (also called 2K) and 1080p versions. Surprisingly, the 2K video resolution isn’t much more expensive than 1080p. This narrow pricing gap—especially on Solo and SoloCam models—means that it’s worth choosing 2K over 1080p every time. Though upgrading to 2K on EufyCam models isn’t as good of a deal since you often pay for multi-camera kits—an extra camera tends to negate some savings.

Eufy app :

he Eufy app is your gateway to setting up and controlling your Eufy camera. You can watch footage live or view any recordings that happened while you were driving home from vacation. You can also use the app’s two-way audio to talk with people through the camera like an intercom.

AI detection :

The app also uses AI to detect people, faces, pets, and babies crying to make it easier to sort through video recordings and notifications. The type of AI detection depends on the camera, with face detection and baby crying showing up on EufyCam and Solo models.

Local storage :

All Eufy cameras can store video without using the internet or a cloud storage plan. The storage medium depends on the model with products using one of three methods: built-in storage (SoloCam), microSD card (Solo IndoorCam), or HomeBase camera hub (EufyCam).

Voice assistant :

Each Eufy security camera works with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart home platforms. You can ask for a live feed on a smart display, which is great for family members without smartphones. While we like this for quick checks on a camera, the Eufy app is a better interface.

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