Samsung Premiere 4k Projector LSP9T Smart Triple Laser Projector Review

Want to enjoy big-screen home entertainment without affixing a massive television to your living room wall? The best option is to use a projector.

It is dangerously close to mass appeal because it is designed to provide a wall-spanning viewing experience in a more accessible, lifestyle-friendly manner than a traditional projector.

Pros and Cons :


  • Bright, colorful pictures.
  • Good in light and dark rooms.
  • Full TV-style smart system.


  • Not much detail in the included user instructions.
  • Some iffy presets for dark scenes.
  • OS can be sluggish.

Design and setup: 

The LSP9T is an ultra-short throw projector, which means it can project a large image onto your wall from as close as a few centimetres away. Whereas traditional projectors would require several meters of separation to create a 130in image, The Premiere can do it in just 238mm. It can also create a 100in image on a surface – its smallest picture size – from as close as 113mm away.

This design eliminates many of the common projector setup issues: no need to worry about viewers’ heads blocking the image, or tripping over snaking cables running from one side of your room to the other.

We had some difficulties getting the image to fit perfectly on our wall-mounted screen. The Premiere has adjustable feet that can be raised or lowered to adjust the angle. We were able to achieve a good fit after some tinkering. To further improve the image, you can adjust the keystoning (the proportions and perspective of the projected image) via the settings menu.

The Premiere’s lifestyle goals are reinforced by connectivity. In addition to Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, you get an aerial input (the projector includes a TV tuner), an optical audio output, and USB, as well as three HDMIs, one of which supports eARC and can carry Dolby Atmos or DTS:X audio passthrough.


Samsung has designed the LSP9T to work much like a television. It has the same same Tizen-based smart interface that you’d find on Samsung’s flat-screen TVs and a similar remote control, too. In fact, it has two: a comprehensive clicker that’s bristling with buttons, plus a minimalist remote for those who’d rather keep things streamlined. If you can control a TV, you can control this projector.

The Premiere also features a built-in 40W 4.2-channel speaker hidden under its fabric mesh front.

And its connectivity means you can also use apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Apple TV+, while mobile mirroring and AirPlay 2 allow you to easily play content from your smartphone or Apple device. Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant is also on-board, while Alexa and Google Assistant are supported as well – although they’re only able to listen via external devices.


The LSP9T produces a stunningly large, sharp and bright image. We used it with a projector screen in a dark room – a setup which will always produce the best results – but The Premiere is bright enough to work acceptably well on a white wall or in a room with some ambient light. The only time the picture appeared washed out was when we threw open the curtains and turned the big light on. Which should never happen in any cinema.

The 4K resolution results in razor sharp detail, while colours are full, lush and vibrant. HDR10+ is supported (something which no other projector currently offers) and there’s a wide dynamic range which we’re simply not accustomed to seeing on projectors. Black levels aren’t as inky and strong as you’d see on a good OLED TV, but there’s still real punch and impact in the LSP9T’s images.

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