tabby payment shop now, pay later and earn cash

You have short in cash !
You don’t want to deal with credit card for instalment while you are shopping!
Don’t worry ! Tabby came with solution for this ,Now you can split your payment for 4 Months without any Extra charge or interest.

Tabby Payment

What is Tabby?

• A new way to check out without using your credit card. All you need is your valid ID

• Gives you the freedom to pay in monthly installments.

• You know exactly what you’ll need to pay and when you’ll need to pay it. Zero interest! We accept all credit and debit cards!

How much can I spend ?

You can apply for instant credit through it for up to AED 3,000. To keep shopping safe, spending limits are based on a number of factors including the type of products you’re buying, the store you’re buying from and your history with tabby.

How does installments work?

Very easy. You shop the same way you always do and when you reach the payment page, choose pay in installments with tabby and pay 35% of the total during the checkout process with the rest split over 3 equal monthly installments. No fees when you pay on time.

When can I use it ?

You can use tabby for purchases over AED 100 and up to AED 3,000.

Can it be used to purchase all products on installments?

Yes, you can purchase any product on installments through tabby

What payment methods are accepted ?

tabby accepts all debit and credit cards.

Is tabby free to use?

It is! tabby does not charge interest or fees for any payments that are made on time.

Why was my account not approved ?

tabby might not approve an account for the following reasons:

  • tabby was not able to verify your identity
  • You may have missed a required field at the checkout, such as your full delivery address
  • You may have outstanding payments on previous tabby purchases

What happens if I can’t pay on time?

tabby is committed to responsible spending which is why every purchase is carefully considered before approvals. You will receive regular reminders before any due payments to avoid missing them. If tabby is unable to collect payments on the scheduled day, you will no longer be able to make purchases with tabby until dues are paid. A late fee of 15 AED is charged 15 days after the order was delivered. If you have not repaid for another two weeks, an additional late fee of 30 AED is applied, and in 4 weeks after your initial due date, another 60 SAR.

How do I make payments in Installments?

You pay 35% down payment at Redsea to confirm your purchase. The remaining 3 installments are paid in 3 months to tabby through tabby iOS or android app.

How do I make payments with tabby app?

Download tabby app on your phone and login using the same phone number you used to purchase at Redsea. Tabby will show your purchase and remaining installments. You can add any debit or credit card to tabby app and start paying installments each month.

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